Suda Chips cookies bring to you fresh, delicious, handmade cookies. Our cookies are chewy with an original flavor. 

These cookies are a great snack on alone or, pair our cookies with your favorite ice cream to create the perfect sweet treat.

Either way, you can't eat just one of our delicious cookies.

Taste the love in every chew!

Suda's Chocolate Chip

Suda's Walnut Chocolate Chip

Suda's Oatmeal Chocolate Chip

Suda's Oatmeal Raisin


Amy Stephens, Office Manager

OMG.... These Cookies are so good. Delicious and Chewy..

You can't find Homeade Cookies like this anywhere

Linda Johnson, Nurse

If you are ever in the MOOD for a Cookie, Look no further than Suda Chips Cookies, So fresh and decadent

Mike Demps, Musician

 Nothing like  Suda Chips Cookies. Absolutely is the Best DAMN COOKIES I've had in my life. Their catering services are awesome

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