Suda Chips cookies bring to you delicious, handmade cookies with an original flavor. 

These cookies are instantly the perfect gift, or a great choice to cure your sweet tooth. Whether you eat them alone or, pair our cookies with your favorite ice cream to create a sweet treat., either way, you can't eat just one of Suda Chips Cookies.



As a baby boy, Suda (Sh-uda) starts as a simple kiss by my Beautiful Grandmother Lou Boatwright AKA Nana. Nana would be cooking one of her exquisite cuisines, and with her strong dimples she would ask for a kiss, she said GIVE ME SOME "SUGAR" and I would run in arms and kiss her on the face repeatedly saying "SUDA, SUDA, SUDA" she would laugh, little did I know it would take me 25 years to figure out that I meant to say the word Sugar. When it came to finding the right name and direction for the cookie company. The word "SUDA" would come to mind. I realize that love and comfort would be the key to success. Thanks, Nana. I really do miss your "SUDA"!

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48 Hrs Advance  

Pickup Location:

Westchester, CA, 90045

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Serving All Los Angeles County


Have cookies delivered to your door step


as a gift to someone else.

Now shipping across the U.S.


Now catering


corporate events

Birthday parties

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Suda Chips Cookies are now available to be shipped across the U.S.

Send them to yourself or, as the perfect gift of something sweet.